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Day 5

You know the feeling when you're on day 5 of being sick and you're just OVER it and you're bored and tired and you feel like you are never going to feel normal again?  EVER?  As dramatic as that may sound, that's totally how I've been feeling.  But thankfully, just an hour ago, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  This sickness is leaving me!

After being stuck in my house for FIVE DAYS with this darn bug, the TV just isn't doing it for me anymore... So what is there to do?  Take pictures with a camera I'm still trying to figure out how to use.  So please bare with me as I am still learning the basics of using this thing...

^First, here's a pic of my bed (first time it's been made in ohhh, 5 days. shhhhh!).  I basically look forward to sleeping in this bed every day.  It's comfy– like sleeping on a cloud comfy. 

^Here's one of my dresser that used to be a part-time jewelry holder but recently got promoted to be full-time because of how well it's been doing.  

^My feet wearing cozy socks I got for Christmas.  They're always keeping my toesies warm.  Love them.

^ My 6 life savers.  But really though... You've Got Mail is the best flu remedy!  Don't you remember when Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan's character) is sick and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) shows up at her apartment with DAISIES?!  And makes her tea!  And is all sweet and charming!  *melt* Kills me every time.
... Green tea + matcha, lots of medicine, a box of tissues, and Pinterest (duh!) are also great flu remedies! 

^ And this just made me laugh because it's so true.  Wish you were here, Mom! ;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did taking them.  Now that I can feel my body on the mend today, I will be sure to have more interesting posts to share with you sometime this week!  Like maybe an outfit post or two because it's been waaaaaaay too long.



#1 Julia 2014-02-04 02:21
You should watch the movie that You've got Mail is based off of, "Shop Around the Corner." It is a favorite holiday movie for me and it has Jimmy Stewart; its a fabulous old film :)

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