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New Year Resolutions + Giveaway

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Here's the last of my pics from Big Bear last week! I think it was definitely one of my favorite New Year's so far.

Last year we camped at Disneyland... and as fun as it sounds, it was not fun. Not at all.  I think everyone in the WORLD was there. Big Bear was definitely a lot calmer and way more relaxing... And there's nothing better than ringing in the new year with the people you love all warm and cozy by the fire. It was perfect! :)

^Getting ready to sled with my sibs! How cute is my niece? She looked like a little snow bunny!

^Our New Year's snowman! (Snowman are not easy. This guy took some hard work!)

^My boyfriend is so cooooool. ;)
^Walking around Big Bear Town.

I usually don't make any resolutions but this year I thought why not?
So here are my resolutions for 2013...
- Go on a road trip
- Go a week without any internet
- Start on my cookbook
- Plan a trip to Dallas, TX (Checked this one off already! See you in February, Dallas!)
- Become a master at pool
- Go to a NFL or college football game
- Stay up past 12am (stop being a grandma)
- Turn 21
- Ride a horse
- Go to Graceland
- Meet someone interesting
- Work hard
- Start something new

What are your resolutions for 2013? Comment below telling me what they are and on Monday, January 14th, I'll choose one lucky member to win a $25 gift card to H&M! 

*Congrats Chigor for being last week's giveaway winner! We'll be contacting you soon so keep an eye on your inbox!"

Good luck, ladies!




Glitter Reindeer DIY

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I came across this fun glitter reindeer DIY on the Daisy Dreaming blog and I just had to try it out! It's always fun to make Christmas decorations, especially when glitter is involved.

Here's what you do:

Head over to your local craft store and get a 9x12 canvas, Elmer's glue and gold or silver glitter (I got Recollections extra fine glitter). Then at home, grab a pencil, 3-5 Q-tips, print out a reindeer silhouette, and have a cookie sheet covered in foil close by (for easy cleanup).

Now let's get started!
1. Use your pencil to trace your reindeer head silhouette onto your canvas.
2. Put your canvas on your cookie sheet and then addd your elmer's glue. Grab a q-tip to help spread the glue.
3. Grab your glitter and sprinkle it on top of your reindeer (put it on pretty thick). Let it sit for at least 1 min for your glitter to stick to the glue.
4. Pull your canvas up and gentle shake over your foiled cookie sheet to let the excess glitter fall off.
And that's it! So simple and so easy.
Use it to decorate your desk, mantle, or wall!

Be sure to come back and let me know how yours turned out!

Merry Christmas!



Sugar: Artificial Sweeteners

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I don't know if you have noticed yet from past blog posts or instagram.. but I love food.  I love love LOVE food.  Especially healthy nutritious food!

Last August I started an online nutrition school (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and it has made me even more aware of how important it is to know what goes into our bodies.  The school also encourages me to take action and inspire others on how to live a healthier lifestyle. So since nutrition and food are another big passion of mine [other than fashion], I've decided I'm going to start posting [mostly] healthy recipes and give tips on how to integrate more delicious healthy foods into our daily diet [and also what foods we should avoid eating]. I'm super excited to share what I've been learning and I hope you're excited too!

Today I'm going to talk a little bit about artificial sweeteners (sugar substitutes). These substances are used instead of table sugar (also known as refined white sugar or sucrose) to sweeten foods and beverages. These artificial sweeteners ( Equal, NutraSweet, and Splenda) can be very misleading to people because most of these sugars are labeled to be "0 Calories" or even "all natural". Because we live in a society that is obsessed with weight and how we should look, people choose the "0 Calorie" sweetener instead of the white sugar packet thinking it's a "healthier choice". I mean, why would you want to add 16 calories to your ice tea when it could have no calories at all? Well what people don't know is that they will probably gain more weight choosing the "0 cal" sugar because of how many chemicals and neurotoxins are used to make the fake sugar taste sweet! Sugar substitutes are sweeter than regular table sugar (crazy, right?) which causes us to crave more sugary foods.... So for an example: the more we crave sugar, the more sweets we eat and the more sweets we eat, the more calories we eat and the more calories we eat, the more weight we gain!  White sugar does have calories and it still isn't "healthy" for us but when it comes to choosing between artificial sweeteners, regular white sugar would be the 'healthier' choice.  

Here are 5 artificial sugars to avoid:

1. Aspartame, sold under brand names NutraSweet and Equal. This fake sugar contains many neurotoxins (phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol) which are linked to cause cancer. This sugar is found in many diet sodas (like coca-cola!) and gum! Always look on the back of sodas and gum packages to avoid this deadly ingredient!
2. Saccharin, sold under brand name Sweet'N Low
3. Sucralose, sold under brand name Splenda
4. Acesulfame K (or acesulfame potassium), produced by Hoechst, a German chemical company; widely used in foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products around the world.
5. Neotame, produced by NutraSweet Company. Neotame is used in diet soft drinks and low-calories foods.

Tip: If you want to stay away from eating a lot of sugar, always look at the ingredients (or just avoid processed foods all together). You will be amazed at how much added sugar is in our food and beverages!
Foods that are made with natural cane sugar (evaporated cane juice) or sweetened with fruit are always the best choice! If you're wanting something sweet, go grab an apple or a banana. If you want a good bubbly beverage, grab a Hansen soda (sweetened with natural cane sugar, aspartame free!) or an Izzy! Your body will thank you later!

Stay healthy!



I'm an Auntie!

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I couldn't have asked for two better early birthday gifts. What do you guys think of the new site so far? We love to read your thoughts so be sure to comment below and tell me what you love or hate about it!  Just know we are still fixing a few things here and there so please hang tight. We are also working on the homepage so it might look different every time you log back in (just so you're aware!).  Anyways, enough about the site, I have a niece! And look how beautiful she is (yes, I've turned into a doting Aunt! I can't help it)! I could stare at her all day long. She's such a little peanut!

Since the site was down all weekend, I thought I would extend last week's giveaway! Click here to learn how to enter in last week's Nordstrom giveaway.  I will announce the winner Monday, June 18th!



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